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Auto Repair in Citrus Heights, CA

Citrus Heights is part of Sacramento County, northeast of the city of Sacramento. Its location is ideal for commuters and those who want a quiet hometown combined with the convenience of city life. Citrus Heights is home to roughly 87,000 people, including many families.

The area now known as Citrus Heights can be traced back to California’s early settlement. What began as a small community in Sacramento Township in the 1800s grew very quickly after World War II. In fact, growth occurred so rapidly that the water supply became strained. Again in the 1970s came a tremendous boom in population growth. Citrus Heights nearly quadrupled in size from 1970 to 1980.

Citrus Heights today stands as a well-established community that’s more affordable than major cities like San Francisco. Along with a moderate climate and gorgeous location, Citrus Heights proves an appealing place to live or visit. The community embraces family values and green initiatives, seen through its parks and nature preserves.

As a family-owned repair shop, Golden State Car Care operates by the same principles as the city of Citrus Heights. We value an honest, friendly atmosphere, while providing open communication in our comfortable facility. Our expert technicians remain current on automotive technology and trends, offering the highest quality auto repairs and service on many makes and models. Altogether, we are proud to serve all drivers in and around Citrus Heights.

At Golden State Car Care, quality is our signature. Visit us in Citrus Heights, CA for accurate auto repair work.

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