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We Are The Digital Shop

Why Choose a Digital Shop For Auto Repair?

Check out the benefits listed below for why a Digital Shop saves you time, anxiety, and money.

Digital Shops are completely transparent, meaning they won’t only show you jobs they think you will buy. Digital Shops give a complete vehicle overview and health score, educate you on the services and let you decide what you want to repair now and what can be put off and for how long.

Easily communicate with your shop using your smart phone for status updates and inspection results.

How Does SmartFlow Benefit Car Owners?

The name literally defines itself: “Smartly maximizing the workflow.” SmartFlow is an all-in-one communications solution for auto repair businesses and customers alike.

Features of SmartFlow include:

  • A comprehensive inspection with photos and video.
  • Visual verification of the exact issues affecting the vehicle.
  • Sharing of all information, including repair procedures required.
  • Simplified spelling out of all corrective steps ahead.
  • Education on a vehicle’s overall system and operations.
  • Demonstrations of how damaged or worn-out parts affect safety.
  • Future repair recommendations ranked for priority and urgency.
  • Information conveyed on vehicle status every step of the way.
  • Choices of communication via text, email, phone.
  • Paperless from start to finish!

Thanks to SmartFlow, drivers see with their own eyes what ails their vehicle, rather than simply taking a service advisor’s word for it. Along with this, detailed inspection reports are delivered directly to the customer’s email inbox.

Altogether, drivers have every tool at their fingertips to approve all needed work, based on the most thorough inspections and accurate diagnoses of any vehicle. SmartFlow ultimately benefits the entire working relationship between shop and driver; it truly defines the future of auto repair.

Putting customers first; building strong, lasting relationships through complete communication: This is SmartFlow.

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